An administrative proceeding launched towards “Rustavi2” due to the failure to present information is still in progress

October 07, 2016 21:46

An investigation launched based on a letter submitted by the journalist Shalva Ramishvili putting under suspicion the legitimacy of public opinion poll results commissioned by TV Company “Rustavi2” that was carried out by GFK Customs Research LLC, is still in progress at GNCC.

In order to timely determine compliance of the rules related to the publication of public opinion poll results as defined in accordance with Paragraph 51 of the Organic Law of Georgia “on Elections” and based on a high public interest regarding an above-mentioned issue, the Commission has addressed “Rustavi 2,” GFK Customs Research LLC and journalist Shalva Ramishvili for an additional information and gave a deadline to submit documents before October 5, 2016.

 TV Company “Rustavi2” has presented information related to the research carried out by 

GFK Customs Research LLC within the frame of the deadline, however, in Commission’s opinion, it turned out to be incomplete and has launched public administrative proceeding against “Rustavi2.”

 During the session held on October 6 of the current year, the Commission has requested additional information from the company. “Rustavi 2” has requested additional time in order to present the information. The review of an issue has been renewed on October 7, although, if the information presented by the company was complete or was in compliance with sub-paragraphs a) b) c) d) and e) of Paragraph 11 of Article 51 with the Organic Law of Georgia, couldn’t be reached, due to which, the review of an issue has been postponed once again. Information regarding the extension of the review of an issue to be published later.

In addition, during the process of public administrative proceeding, the fact of violation of the rules defined by law in relation to the publication of  election public opinion poll results carried out by GFK Customs Research LLC has  been detected during the news program of “Rustavi 2” -“Kurieri” (at 9 pm).  In particular, the company has violated sub-paragraphs v.z) v.t) v.e and v.l of Paragraph 11 of Article 51 of the Organic Law of Georgia “on Elections.” Protocol of administrative offenses has been drawn against the company and will be transferred to the  Tbilisi city court for the further dispute resolution.