GNCC has discussed monitoring results regarding the network construction by “Stereo +” Ltd to ensure the digital broadcasting.

May 18, 2015 15:25

 In accordance with the decision made by GNCC on July 1, 2014, “Stereo +” Ltd has been revealed as a winner in the contest announced for issuance of radio frequency spectrum licenses - №MUX-B, №MUX-D, №MUX-E to ensure digital terrestrial TV network. According to the same decision, “Stereo +,” in compliance with a schedule plan presented by the company and agreed by the Commission, has to ensure construction of the network for transitioning into the digital broadcasting. Based on a monitoring carried out by Radio Frequency Management Department of the Commission, at certain parts of the Georgian territory the construction works to ensure digital broadcasting in accordance to the schedule designated by “Stereo +” are being delayed. As stated by “Stereo +” Ltd representatives, the network construction delay is caused by the difficult geographical terrain and climate conditions. The company has presented Commission with a new schedule, according to which, the date period for completion of work for the digital broadcasting switchover still remains June 17, 2015.

After the discussion of the issue and studying the position of both parties, the Commission has issued a written warning upon “Stereo+” for violating validity terms of licenses set forth in the schedule in order to ensure the formation of a network to provide digital broadcasting. At the same time, the Commission has begun general administrative proceedings to make amendments of №MUX-B and  №MUX-E licenses in compliance to the schedule presented by the company itself.