One Participant Company on Contest for Provision of Digital Broadcasting

June 30, 2014 13:38

Today, on June 30, public hearing of contest announced for obtaining licenses for the use of radio frequency spectrum in order to provide digital broadcasting has been held at the Georgian National Communications Commission

Two companies Mux Ltd and Stereo+ Ltd participated in the contest. Mux Ltd filed a request for one lot (□ A+0), though today, at the session, a representative of the company retracted request because of financing problems. The second company Stereo+ filed a request for two lots (□A+B+2 and □ B+2). The director of the company retracted the first request (□A+B+2) and continued participation in contest with one B+2 lot.

At the session the conclusion of the Radio Frequency Management Department of the Commission was published regarding the documentation of contest. The Commission did not approve the alternative version of technical proposal for construction of digital network presented by Stereo+ Ltd, because of this Stereo+ Ltd will have to construct network in digital format according to the terms defined in the Commission’s decision on contest announcement.

Consequently, if Stereo+ Ltd will be announced a winner at the session scheduled on July 1, 2014, at 13:00, the company will become a holder of three licenses. Within the MUX-B license it will be able to distribute national TV broadcasting free-to-air, within MUX-C and MUX-D licenses - to distribute broadcasting signal free-to-air, as well as for commercial purposes (Pay TV). 

The Commission announced contest for radio frequency spectrum licenses to provide digital broadcasting by the decision of March 31, 2014.