The amendments to be made in the Georgian Law “on Electronic Communications’’ to ensure the liberalization of radio frequency spectrum

July 31, 2014 15:18

The Parliament of Georgia has already approved amendments to be made in the Georgian Law “on Electronic Communications” to ensure the liberalization-harmonization process in the radio frequency spectrum at first hearing.

After providing amendments in the Georgian Law “on Electronic Communications” to ensure the liberalization of radio frequency spectrum, GNCC will be entitled to issue new licenses in order to implement new (LTE) mobile broadband technologies. These legislative changes will promote the implementation of new, high quality and innovative mobile (internet) broadband services for consumers across the country. Also, planned changes will allow the country to use radio frequency resources more effectively and advance healthy competition. The consumers will be able to receive services within the most adequate prices in conditions of intense competition.


The legislative amendments are conditioned due to the signage of EU association agreement, upon which, Georgia made a commitment to provide step by step harmonization of Georgian legislation in force in the field of electronic communications within the framework of EU existing regulations. After the enforcement of new revision of the law, GNCC will ensure the compliance with the law of “National Plan for the Radio Spectrum Allocation” thereby, promoting the interoperability of networks between the EU and Georgia.

The operating mode of the extension for use of radio spectrum licenses is to be changed as well. The licenses for the use of radio frequency spectrum, in accordance with the law in force, were issued for a ten-year period and afterwards, if desired by an operator could be prolonged every ten years. Considering the recommendations of international organizations, in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the Euro Commission, the automatic regulations for the extension of licenses in harmonized ranges will not apply in the future. Therefore, all licenses for the mobile services issued by the Commission to use radio frequency spectrum will be subjected to modification, the validity term of the licenses will be defined for the next 15-year period (single use) based on a technological and service neutrality principle. After the term expiration, the radio frequency spectrum will be sold through an auction. Also, the participants in the mobile market, in order to establish future-oriented and far-sighted investment environment will have a right to request the modification of already existing radio frequency spectrum license resources fully, partially and/or according to their own business plan decide to cancel the licenses for the use of scarce resources.