The bidders participating in the tender announced for the procurement of consulting services in order to determine the price value of the frequencies for mobile wireless broadband services are now known

September 03, 2014


On August 12, GNCC has announced an electronic tender for the procurement of consulting services in order to determine the price value of the resource at 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz frequency ranges.

The deadline for Individuals wishing to participate in the tender to submit bidding documents using the electronic system for the unified public procurement was September 2,15:00 pm.

Four companies submitted applications: “DotEcon Ltd,” “DetEcon International,” “SBR-net Consulting AG” and “PricewaterhouseCoopers Central Asia and Caucasus B.V’’s branch in Georgia.

The companies provided following fees determined for consulting services: “DotEcon Ltd”-170,999.00 GEL, “Detecon International”-166,000.00 GEL, “SBR-net Consulting AG”-165,999.00 GEL, “PricewaterhouseCoopers  Central Asia and Caucasus B.V”-165,900.00 GEL.

According to the tender documents, it is mandatory for the bidder to have experience in accordance with the decision of the European Commission in liberalized radio frequency range assessment/evaluation with regard to the following qualification requirements:

·        At least ten years of experience in consulting services, not only at European scale, but also at the international level in the field of electronic communications.

·        Based on benchmarking and business modeling methodology, must have practical experience in evaluating different frequency bands within the existing resources in at least 2 countries, among them one must be a member of European Union administrative authority (the regulatory or state authority.)

·        The group of experts, presented by the bidder, must have an experience in development of radio spectrum range methodology (including benchmarking and business modeling,) in project evaluation and purchase/sale implementation, as well as experience in implementation of various frequency strips next-generation networks/services technical, economic and commercial aspects.

The Commission already sent an official correspodence to the “PricewaterhouseCoopers Central Asia and Caucasus B.V” in order to verify the qualification requirements of the tender documents. In case the verified information meets the qualification requirements,the company will be announced as a winner by the tender commission. If the company does not submit the requested information within the time specified in advance, then the Commission will launch a study of the company that offered the lowest price and will publicize the final decision.

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In accordance with the changes provided in “The Law of Georgia on Electronic Communications” in August, in order to ensure the libelaralization of the radio frequency spectrum, GNCC will issue licenses to implement new (LTE) mobile broadband technologies. The methodology for calculating the cost of 1 MHz frequency range for mobile wireless broadband services recognized by EU will be used in order to determine the initiate price for issuing new licenses, as well as, for extending the term of the licenses already issued for usage of radio frequency spectrum.