The chairman of GNCC responded to an article published by Kakheti’s informational Center

November 22, 2016 17:48

The chairman of GNCC responded to an article published at the web-site of Kakheti’s informational Center. According to an article, the chairman of GNCC fails to indicate the facts of business involvement of his family members in the property declaration and violates legislation requirements regarding conflict of interests.  

„I have read your publication and will try to explain what type of information do I “hide” from the society intentionally or unintentionally. I do certify that during several years I have been a partner of two enterprises – “Optima Management” Ltd and “Dega Print+” Ltd (indicated in my property declaration) whose activities do not fall under the regulations of GNCC. Since April of 2014, after I have been appointed as a chairman of GNCC, I ceased to perform as a director of “Optima Management” Ltd, which, unfortunately, it is not reflected in the Business Registry data. As for the involvement of my adult children in the entrepreneurial activities, of which I have found out from your publication, I have verified that "Advertus" Ltd 33% of shares owned by Andrew Abashidze and “Universal Business Group” Ltd 33-33% of the shares owned by Andrew and Levan Abashidze, has never performed any activities since their foundation and have never received any income ((In case of interest can be verified). One more company mentioned in your publication – “Ed Plus” Ltd whose director and the owner of 100% of shares is Andrew Abashidze has been registered in 2016, therefore, it could not be reflected in my 2015 Property Declaration. If due to my action or inaction, the deliberate provision of incomplete or inaccurate data in Property Declaration will be proven, I express my readiness to answer in accordance with the legislation.” –states Mr. Vakhtang Abashidze.