The court has imposed administrative responsibilities on 5 TV Companies

October 05, 2016 18:50

GNCC has drawn a protocol of administrative offenses related to the violations of the rules of publication of public opinion polls on 11 TV Companies and has transferred the document to the City Court for the further response.

It concerns publication of election public opinion poll results commissioned by TV Company “Rustavi2” by „GFK“(23.08.2016) and by TV Company “Imedi” by „GMP.“

These TV Companies are:

  1. Broadcasting company “Rustavi2” Ltd;
  2. NNLE “Civic Education Fund” – brand name “Tabula”;
  3. “TV Imedi” Ltd;
  4. “Starvizia” Ltd;
  5.  “TV-Radio Company of Qvemo Qartli” Ltd;
  6. “TV-Radio Company Trialeti Ltd;
  7. “TV-Radio Corporation InfoUnion – TV Argo” Ltd;
  8. “TV-Radio Company Rioni” Ltd;
  9. “Independent TV-Radio Company Odishi” Ltd;

      10. “Studio Maestro” Ltd;

      11. “1st Stereo” Ltd.

Protocol of administrative offenses have been reviewed by the relevant City Courts, and as a result, Broadcasting company “Rustavi2” Ltd, NNLE “Civic Education Fund” – brand name “Tabula”, “TV-Radio Corporation InfoUnion – TV Argo” Ltd and “TV-Radio Company Trialeti Ltd were fined in the amount of 1500 GEL, as for “TV-Radio Company Rioni”, a written warning has been issued upon the company.

The review of the cases of other 6 TV Companies will be held in the nearest future in the relevant city courts.