The court has issued a written warning on a newspaper “Khashuris Moambe”

October 11, 2016 10:46

GNCC has drawn a protocol of administrative offenses on a newspaper “Khashuris Moambe” due to the violation of rules of pre-election agitation and advertisement and has transferred it to the city court (Khashuri) for the further dispute resolution. The court made a decision to issue a written warning upon the newspaper.  

An agitation letter published in the newspaper “Khasuris Moambe” in the month of August with a headline - “No Nationalist in the Parliament” had no indication whether it was paid or free advertising.

In accordance with the resolution №9 of GNCC of August 15, 2016, of the Organic Law of Georgia “on Election Code” and “on participation of media in pre-electoral process and rules of its application,” while publishing an agitation letter, before the headline of the letter and in the corner of an advertisement, there must be an inscription "paid political advertising" or "free political advertising."

In accordance with sub-paragraph 2 of Paragraph 50 of the Organic Law of Georgia “on Election Code of Georgia” From the moment of announcement of elections until the sum up of election results, newspapers, funded by central or local budgets, fall under media monitoring.