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28 Mar, 2012
Commercial Advertising Text Standard

The Georgian National Communications Commission has created a web application, which enables advertisers, advertising producers and distributors to establish simply if a text used in broadcast advertising satisfies the requirements set by the Law.

The idea of creating standard for advertisement was derived from loads of disputes considered by the Commission about perception of texts used in broadcast advertisings. In order to regulate the mentioned issue and to protect society from misleading advertisements, at the same time considering international experience, paragraph 5 has been added to Article 4 of the “Regulations on the Rules of Provision of Services and Protection of Consumer Rights in the Sphere of Electronic Communications”, by the Resolution N8 of September 23, 2011. The paragraph reads: “The height of a text symbol used in teleshopping and commercial advertising of electronic communications service should not be less than 4 % of the height of TV screen and the showing duration of a text should be defined in a way that there were no more than 140 words of a text to read per minute. When calculating the showing duration, as many words correspond to numbers and other designations as it is necessary to pronounce them. Address of electronic mail and Internet page is considered as one word.”

Standard for commercial advertising text enables the advertisement to be uploaded on the Commission’s official website before airing and to be divided into shots. It is also possible to upload the shot in a picture format. After framing the existing text on selected shot it will be determined if its size corresponds to set standard.

The program also has text showing duration calculator, which after inputting words used in text will tell the minimum duration which is necessary to show the text and to be understood by a viewer.

On the one hand, standard for commercial advertising text protects consumer’s right to get appropriate information from advertisement and on the other hand, protects the advertiser’s right to check whether an advertisement corresponds to existing legislation.

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Commercial Advertising Text Standard